Getting ready to sell your property? Allow our knowledgable team to share some of our most helpful tips to help you prep your home to get the best possible result.


Preparing Your Home for Sale: Where to Begin

When preparing your home for sale, there are three critical areas to focus on to increase the chances of securing the best possible price:


Address simple repairs

Don't let wear and tear such as chipped tiles, cracked windows, scuffed paintwork, and stained carpets detract from your property's appeal. These noticeable imperfections can instantly discourage buyers and reduce the price they are willing to pay. Discuss with your agent which repairs are necessary to enhance your property's appeal without overcapitalizing.

Clean and declutter

Take a cue from other homes currently on the market and thoroughly declutter your home, ensuring it is sparkling clean from top to bottom. Removing clutter can make a room appear more spacious, while cleaning all areas, even those that are not immediately visible, can convey that your home is well-maintained and free from hidden issues.

Style your home

Styling is a quick and effective way to give your property a fresh, modern look that appeals to potential buyers. Consider hiring a professional stylist or renting furniture and accessories to style your home yourself.